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The Background is one of the largest soccer information providers in Europe, ranked within the TOP25 most visited websites in Germany.

At the time the Transfermarkt - Budacode co-operation started they were already providing a native iOS and native Android app for their fans. The pain point was that the two native apps had two developer teams, absolutely different technologies and ecosystems which kept the maintenance slow and expensive.

The Kickoff

Transfermarkt was dedicated to go through the technology change and take advantage of the web based cross-platform mobile technologies.

As Budacode presented proven expertise in the field, Transfermarkt entrusted the company to take care of their digital transformation, from building an MVP to delivering a full featured app in strong co-operation with the onsite team of Transfermarkt.

The Design

The screens of the first minimum viable version were delivered by Transfermarkt just like the rest. The design was dominated by the brand colors and the UX showed dynamic improvement, iteration by iteration, until we reached the final version.

Brand colors

The Technology

According to their service Transfermarkt’s IT team consists mostly of web developers. Taking this fact into consideration, using a web technology based cross-platform framework like Ionic 2 has a huge payoff for the company, given that, with the rebuilt app, they will be able to add features or solve minor issues on their own. We've also improved the long-term maintainability of the project by ensuring type safety using TypeScript.

angular logoionic logowebpack logotypescript logo

The Process

Through our long-term co-operation we were drafting milestones on a monthly basis and completed them through bi-weekly sprints. We allocated the required resources during the five months of the project and handled the transfer of the know-how between developers.

After several iterations, including refactoring and rebuilding of the screens, the app reached its final form, where all participants could be really proud of their work.

The Result

The new app is to be released soon, replacing its predecessor and bringing the user experience to a new level. The release of the new Transfermarkt application means a better, faster, bug free version for the users and a much easier, maintainable and cost effective solution for Transfermarkt.