The automated, data-driven marketplace for influencer marketing.

The Background

Post for Rent is a service with an objective to make life easier and more professional for brands in the field of influencer marketing, and to make influencers well-rewarded and digitally literate participants of their era.

We've built a platform where brands and influencers – basically totally foreign to each other – have a chance to meet as stakeholders. The tool is an online international agora where brands are able to find the best-fitting faces for their campaigns, while the tool can also recommend the most adequate solutions based on their briefs.

The Kickoff

Our Client has built an MVP a few years back to test the product. After some successful iterations and funding rounds, the app and visions grew bigger and the time has come to step out of the MVP era and build the first version of the full-scale product itself.

While the backend was developed by the PostForRent team, our task was to build a smooth and high-performance mobile frontend with an eye on the new designs and functionalities.

The Design

The Client wanted the fresh and exciting environment of influencers to be reflected in the UI design by selecting vibrant and trendy colors.

Brand colors

The Technology

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) had already been available in the stores - our task was to create a fully polished product by rebuilding the mobile application from scratch. As the application had to be available both on Android and iOS, we chose to build the frontend with Ionic 3.

angular logoionic logoheroku logowebpack logotypescript logo

The Process

Two senior frontend developers worked on the project using the Agile project management framework. They had direct contact with the client, thus minimizing the communication overhead.

The Result

Thanks to the flexibility of working agile, and by taking advantage of cross-platform programming, the completely rebuilt version of app hit the market just under 2 months from the start of the development - enabling brands to embrace the world of sponsored content and influencers to generate revenue.