The application that connects Wall Street - Anonimously.

The Background

People of Wall Street are working insane hours. They don’t have time to socialize, they want to stay efficient, they have precious information and they are eager to learn more.

Just give them an anonymous chat app and watch what happens. Imagine the threads about secret information! Or fake information maybe?

Welcome to Ivory!

The Kickoff

Our Client had a very exact idea about what he needed. He had all the use-cases and details in mind, which we wrote down into a shared doc at the beginning of the project.

From LinkedIn authentication to GPS approval we had to implement everything, including the mobile app, the API and the design. We gave an estimation of 20 days for this full stack, real-time chat MVP.

The Design

All the information we got regarding the design was that black and gray should dominate as these colors are the closest to the ‘mood’ of the app. First, we defined every screen and created the mockups to accomplish the use-cases mentioned before. After an approval we delivered the sitebuild side of the app, and added decent styling, following the guidelines from the customer.

Brand colors

The Technology

Cross-platform availability was a requirement, and as experienced Angular 1 developers we decided to get started with Angular 2 and Ionic 2 - both beta at that time. As we didn’t have complex data structures, and performance was a key factor, we used Firebase as a database and a tiny node.js service as a backend.

angular logoionic logoheroku logowebpack logotypescript logo

The Process

A senior sitebuilder worked with one of our mid-senior javascript developers on the project. They had direct contact to the client, thus minimizing the communication overhead.

Still, the new, unstable technologies caused some trouble, making the team end up with 150% of the original estimations. The cost difference didn’t have any effect on the customer as Budacode keeps the estimation guaranteed.

The Result

As a final result, one of the very first Ionic 2 apps hit the market, giving a cross-platform solution for Wall Street employees to sign up - exclusively from New York city - and share what they have on their minds - anonymously.