A never seen added catering experience - that literally changes the way you see any 'Happy Hour' from now.

The Background

We got used to it that in most of the history of humanity life happened offline. By the revolution of the internet, it has changed dramatically.

Experts say we are at the very beginning of a new technological era that is driven by AR - the technology that connects the two divided part of our days: virtual and real life.

BeerGo aims to become the pioneer in this field by the gamification of commerce experience based on PokemonGo’s proven idea; in this application, people can rush over cities all around the world and collect coupons that can be used in pubs and bars to get discounts.

The Kickoff

The BeerGo Project landed at us by Codeburg - our Hamburg-based partner company.

Our estimation for the whole front end side of the project was 20 days in total in respect for the challenges of building and connecting the AR and the geolocation part of the application that required the very best of us.

The Design

Codeburg had a very detailed documentation including user stories and pre-designed screens that enabled us to concentrate on the site build tasks of the 18 screens they provided.

Brand colors

The Technology

Cross-platform availability is one of our core expertise; therefore, the requirement of running both the major mobile OS versions was a sweet treat for us. We have done an in-depth research to make sure the AR part of the application is not going to cause performance issues while working together with Google Maps.

For the production, we used our most beloved tech stack - Angular 2, Ionic 2 and TypeScript.

angular logoionic logowikitude logowebpack logotypescript logo

The Process

BeerGo was a real development challenge in a proper manner

Three developers from the team were working hard on the project assured by the leadership and continuous deep level code-review from our senior developers making sure that not a single line of code got into the application without the compliance of our the highest code quality standards.

The Result

After thorough testing on multiple devices and operating systems, the app became production ready. We took care to handle the extra challenging situations if users lose the internet connection or the GPS sign while using the app.

BeerGo is now pixel perfect and will be released soon, to boost the business of catering industry and to lead the way of Augmented Reality based solutions.