The networking application that takes the hustle out of conferences

The Background

Have you ever attended a conference with the clear goal of getting in touch with new people who can help boost your business?

The AnyPlan app helps you out by leveraging the networking at conferences. You will be able to manage all major conferences you attend, you can invite your friend or search among attendees, get in touch with them and schedule meetings in advance.

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The Kickoff

We got this exciting project from an Italian agency, who delivered detailed plans about the numerous screens of the app and took the responsibility of building the backend based on our API definitions.

The requirement was a fast, iOS and Android supported mobile app. Considering its complexity, we gave an estimation of 14 weeks for the project.

The Design

The screens we got for the project reflected an in-depth knowledge of the UI elements of the framework we were using. The pureness and simplicity of the design also served great usability.

Brand colors

The Technology

As we had standard requirements, such as iOS and Android compatibility, working with larger datasets, inside mailing system, handling events and time zones, we chose the most popular cross-platform technology framework: Ionic 2. It’s built on top of Angular 2, which our team has years of solid experience with. In addition, the use of TypeScript ensured the portability of our codebase, as it makes it much easier for dev teams to understand each other's code.

angular logoionic logowebpack logotypescript logo

The Process

During the iteration two to three developers were working on the project. Regular code reviews guaranteed the quality and the common know-how flow within the project.

The process of the sitebuild and the implementation of the frontend logic - like implementing services - could proceed parallelly, leaving more time for the finishing touches and enabling us to deliver the desired functionality.

The Result

Anyplan provides a huge database of upcoming conferences categorized by industries. You can easily select your events and schedule meetings with your contacts or other attendees. The AnyPlan app has the full potential to become the defacto networking app for conferences.