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Jack won’t be a dull boy! We always find time for having fun.

Work & Grow

We believe that the key to create something remarkable is focusing on individuals as part of the team. It’s not a big deal for us if you’re junior or don’t have a lot of experience with a skill. What we are looking for is the intention to develop and we do our best to help you exceed your goals day-by-day.

Make it Count

Our work is not just a bunch of code. We code dreamers ideas to reality, everyday. Put quality first!


Every obstacle offers a new way to solve a problem. Dare to be innovative – we appreciate it!


Being agile enables us to bring fast results for our Clients – and flexibility to our Team.


Do not overcomplicate. Keep the code clear and smooth.

Apply today and be part of the team!

Exciting projects
Culture of self-development
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freedom to experiment
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Our latest projects


Anyplan is an Italy-based startup company, which aimed at changing the landscape of personal self-management. The Anyplan application is a time-and-task management tool, that combining the best practises of corporate and project management principles into an easy-to-use application. Their requirement was to create a hybrid application that is capable of handling multiple time-zones, calendar information import-export, event management and push notifications.

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Transfermarkt is one of the largest soccer information providers in Europe, ranked within the TOP25 most visited websites in Germany. Their former mobile application became outdated and they realized that creating a brand new hybrid application would be more cost-effective then trying to fix and update the old one. As the application deals with a massive amount of data combined with features such as live score tracking and push notifications, the building process required an in-depth knowledge of Angular and Ionic 2 frameworks. The new application is going online this spring.

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Open positions

Contribution to
the community

Local Meetups

Giving back to the community plays a very important role in our team. We believe that making a speech or helping to set up the next event is not just an opportunity for self-growth but also a chance to get in touch with other developers and make new friends.

Since 2014 we have been co-organizing theAngularJS@Budapest meetup with the massive contribution of the 700+ members(thanks guys, you are awesome!)

This autumn,  we’re expanding with two more self-organized events.

  • #12minBUD – With Mate Wolmuth, we co-organize the very first group in Hungary.

  • IonicHH – As we’re opening an office in Hamburg, to engage with the local developer community and to inspire others to use hybrid technologies we’re committed to helping with formation of an ionic framework meetup community in Hamburg.

Conference speeches

As one of our biggest competitive advantage is our expertise and passion for cutting-edge technologies, we encourage and support everyone in our team to attend industry specific conferences and meetups in Budapest and abroad.

Just this year, we’ve been to the AngularCamp in Barcelona, given a speech at the AngularJSBerlin  and looked into the CSSConf.

As for the future, this year we’re also planning to attend and apply to make a speech at the DevFest Florida and the AngularUp in Tel-Aviv.